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Government services aren’t done yet, so neither am I

In the wake of all of this month’s resignations Tom, Ben, Russell, Leisa and Mike it’s tempting to talk about ‘why I’m staying’ at GDS. To be honest though, I’d rather talk about what we’re doing, because as far as I’m concerned the work has just started. It’s been a while I’ve written anything here, I’ve […]

Hole covers

I’ve been collecting pictures of manhole covers  for over a year. Envelopes – specifically the patterns on the inside of them – got me into it. 3 years ago (according to Tumblr) I started a collection of the security patterns printed in envelopes. I was drawn in by the variation of shapes used in the patterns […]

Finding the unfamiliar

Entering a corporate building you’ve never been in is always slightly odd. Every component of the place – from the size of the name space in the sign-in book, to the direction of the door handles – seems significant. Small procurement decisions seem to form a pattern of accidental iceberg-tips that you’re sure, given enough […]

Relative economies of scale II

Without people telling me, I know what they want. The only problem is, when they go away without telling me. Sue Kirk runs the shop on Eigg – a small island in the inner hebrides. It has a great selection of local beers, alongside what seems to be a disproportionately vast array of “ambient groceries” (things […]